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What is Christian Science healing?

The foundation of the Church of Christ, Scientist on reinstating “primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing,” is the basis of Christian Science healing. Following the healing ministry of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible, we know from the New Testament that his disciples carried on healing after his ascension, and from historical accounts that healing through spiritual means continued in Christian communities for several centuries beyond the biblical record.

Christian Science recognises the injunction given by Jesus Christ to his followers to go and do likewise in healing disease and disability, not only for his time but for all time. Christ or Christian healing in primitive Christianity was through prayer alone, this radical reliance on the transformative power of prayer remains as the cornerstone of healing in Christian Science. In expecting evidence of healing as supremely natural, not miraculous, Christian Science healing is a radical reliance on prayer to demonstrate healing of physical and mental disease in whatever form.

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Who is Mary Baker Eddy?

Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, was born in the early 19th century to New England parents. She turned to her lifelong love of the Bible when not expected to survive life-threatening injuries in 1866 and committed the rest of her life to understanding how she was healed by an account of one of Jesus’ healings. She called her discoveryChristian Science and wrote a textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, taught others how to heal and founded a worldwide Church of Christ, Scientist. The Christian Science Monitor, the Pulitzer prize-winning international newspaper, was established by Mrs Eddy.

Mrs Eddy actively discouraged any veneration of herself personally and ensured that the church and Christian Science movement was free from any form of religious heirarchy or charismatic influences.

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Are Christian Scientists forbidden to go to doctors?

It is up to the individual. Christian Scientists are not forbidden to go to doctors.

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What is the “Science” part of Christian Science?

Mary Baker Eddy saw the spiritual laws shown through the teaching and healings of Christ Jesus in the Bible, as provable and demonstrable.She was clear in making the distinction between physical science and metaphysical science but expected verifiable physical healing to follow the result of following stated spiritual laws.There is a continuing dialogue between the scientific community and Christian Science on the basis of Mary Baker Eddy’s underlying scientific method that is of value to both communities.

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Is Christian Science Christian?

The Church of Christ, Scientist was founded to “reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.”Mary Baker Eddy’s reliance on the inspired word of the Bible and following Christ Jesus’ teaching and life-example is the basis of the establishment of the church and its tenets. Church buildings are simple and uncluttered, with lay Readers in the pulpit drawn from among the members and services of worship which are the same wherever in the world they take place.

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How do Christian Scientists deal with contagion?

For over a century, the guidance on matters of public contagion has been to obey laws and official healthcare guidelines concerning vaccinations, quarantining and social distancing. Memberships have followed all government directives in their own countries regarding lockdowns and reopening buildings for worship during the Covid pandemic.

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Do you have to be a Christian Scientist to be healed?

No, you can be from any background, culture or faith to be healed, with a little knowledge of Christian Science or none at all. Christian Science practitioners advertising HERE are committed to supporting through prayer anyone who asks for help.

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Is Christian Science anything to do with Scientology?

No, there is no connection between Christian Science and Scientology.