About Us

We are here to support the Kingston community, providing Services, Sunday School, Reading Room (a bookshop, and a place to learn more about Christian Science) plus lots of prayer and public activities.

The first Christian Science church was founded in 1879, and was established “to commemorate the word and works of our Our Master Christ Jesus” and to “reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.”

Christian healing - learning how to heal as Jesus taught his followers to do so - is the foundation of this church's activities. Healing is not faith healing or emotional, but literally living the teachings in the Holy Bible and using our guidebook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, to enlighten the spiritual sense of the scriptures.

Bible Lessons
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What Christian Science means to us

Much is said of the need for mental wellbeing linked with Mindfulness I have found over the years that Christian Science gives me an immediate answer to what ever the problems facing me may be shouting.

I love the immediacy of results received after applying the principles of Christian Science. The tool box of resources addresses every human need whether it be in reference to relationships, finance, health or wellbeing - it is all covered.

Christian Science has touched every part of my life for the better.
I'm grateful for physical healings I've had and so much more calmness.
Best of all, Christian Science has given me a sensible and effective
way to answer the question "Is there a God?" It's answer? "Try, and

Christian Science gives me a better understanding of what God is and what Jesus Christ taught us about God’s Love and ever presence. God is Love. If you express this love from God and let Him guide you you can’t go wrong.

I found Christian Science [or maybe it found me] at a difficult time in my life. I find that it gives me a solid practical spiritual foundation to everyday living. And the wonderful thing is that you can prove it all for yourself.